Flower bouquet is a collection of colorful flowers in an artistic design. Beautiful flower bouquet is an easy way to décor home, restaurant, public buildings, or may be handheld. Handheld bouquet includes three different shapes, such as nosegay, cascading and crescent bouquets. If you give someone  flower bouquet as a gift, nosegay bouquet is the best choice. A lovely crescent-shaped bouquet is well balanced by its structure, easily to compliment the bride’s wedding dress. And cascading bouquet is different from the others, it’s designed with a long train easily draping all the way to the ground.

Language of Flowers
Small & Round Nosegay Bouquets

Nosegay bouquet is small and round that is formed with limited number of flowers and tight together evenly. 

Cascading Bouquet for A Tall Bride
Cascading Bouquet for A Tall Bride

Cascading bouquet is very suitable for a tall bride to carry in her wedding day.

Unusual Cresent-shaped Bouquet
Unusual Cresent-shaped Bouquet

A crescent bouquet is shaped with a dainty and curved line preparing for more structure than a posy.

Generally speaking, arranged by full blooms coupling with natural beauty and breath of life, flower bouquet is not only for special occasions like wedding, but also for relaxing and touching nature in your home or placed in hotel to welcome your guests.

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