Short Journey at Shangluo City, Shanxi Province

In June 14th 2012, I was in the road of getting to the small but historical city-shangluo from Xi’an city at the first time. I have seen the continuously ups and downs green mountains through the window of the rapidly moving bus with my exciting. By the bus moving far away from starting, the other […]

How to adorn a wedding dress just pleating, ruching or asymmetry?

Beading and embroidery are most common ornaments to the wedding dress. And some of the wedding dresses look intricate and gorgeous without any ornament just ruching, pleating or asymmetry. Firstly, talk about ruching, as a labor-intensive and time-consuming technique that is widely used in costume design, especially women’s dress, mainly wedding dress. Ruching style is […]

How to design a wedding dress simple but elegant without any embellishment?

Every girl wants to wear a dream wedding gown in their special day. So as to the dream comes true, the wedding dress designers are put a lot of effort to create one after another from simple to sophisticated, modest to sexy, classic to fashionable and more. As a costume that wedding gown must be […]

Practice to Wear a Pair of High Heel Wedding Shoes

Rich colors wedding shoes are prepared for your wedding days, just choose one and get it in your home. One pair of wedding shoes will accompany with you enjoying the most unforgettable and memorable day in your whole life. Which kind of height you will choose from? Choose a pair of suitable wedding shoes is mainly […]

Choose Right Bridal’s Veil for Your Wedding Day

Do you know about the bridal’s veil in the east or west? Do you think they are same or different? Today I will give you the answer about these two questions? With a veil to cover the bridal’s face creates a mystical felling for the wedding guests. Especially in the ancient east, the bridal’s face […]