Strawberries Elastic Waist w/ Drawstring Maxi Skirt Dress

You are like flowing when you are walking in this ethereal chiffon maxi skirt dress. Many mature strawberries printed, elastic natural waist with drawstring and ankle length design, you will fall in love with this lovely but elegant maxi long dress. You can wear the chiffon maxi skirt dress in strapless style.  

Floral Pattern Elastic Waist Linen Maxi Skirt Dress

White floral printed over the red linen maxi skirt gives you a fairytale look at daily wear. An elastic natural waist with colorful drawstrings provides a comfortable fitting and you can adjust to fit yourself. Perfect for spring, summer or fall days to match with different style top wearing.

Dots & Snakeskin Print Elastic Waist w/ String Maxi Skirt Dress

Elastic waist band tied drawing string with two beads finished to adjust and comfortable to wear in strapless dress or long skirt way. Raw-edge dots pattern from top to the snakeskin pattern bottom creates an elegant and charming women’s maxi skirt for leisure enjoy in the hot summer.

Pears Print Elastic Waist Layered Maxi Skirt Dress

  Yellow maxi skirt dress is overlaid a pear printed white skirt featured an elastic waist with strings extended to sides. You can also wear the maxi skirt dress in strapless style. So elegant and romantic, enjoy your hot summer days in this beautiful A-line tea length skirt quickly.

Chiffon Layered Dots Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt Dress

Enchanting tailoring, elegant designing and comfortable fabric create a stunning tea length chiffon maxi skirt dress with swarms of black and dark yellow dots pattern accented. Pleated A-line and elastic waist band are the important features to add reasonable and exquisite design to the summer skirt or dress.